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shup readme
shup has a number of features and veritable plethora of options for said features, so in this document I’ll attempt to describe how best to utilize these features and, in turn, shup!


As I said, shup has a number of features which make it rather useful. Currently, every process begins by taking a screenshot, either of the active window or of the entire screen. Here’s a summary of the things you can do to initiate and customize the capture process.

  • Image capture is initiated either by customizable system-wide hotkeys or via the system tray right-click menu.
  • Images can be saved to disk or be uploaded to, or both.
  • If you wish to store your files on disk, you can choose the file’s folder as well as customize the filename.
  • Filename customization allows you to automatically place date/time information as well as the title of the window (or “My Desktop”, in the case of a fullscreen process) being captured.
  • If you wish to store your shups on stashbox, you can define one or more tags to help you find your files later.
  • Images can be previewed before being saved to disk and/or uploaded to stashbox.
  • The shup image preview window supports a flood fill and paintbrush-like functions.

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