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httppostex is a simple (and unoptimized; read: needs more file streams) HTTP POST example using the Win32 / WinInet API, written in c/c++.

The sample provided posts a single file to and prints what the server returns (the url of the uploaded file, in stashbox’s case).
While the example only uploads one file to the site, it is setup to accomodate multiple files if the backend script accepting the POST will accept them.
Why stashbox? Well, this code was the basis for the console / experimental shell uploader, which was thankfully sexed up by Joshua Teitelbaum.

Probably the pitfall of the example, as it now sits, is that it loads each file completely into memory before POSTing it, rather than using file streams or something similar.
Good enough to get you going, though. =)

Copyright (C) 2005-2006 Daniel Green

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Version History
02/23/2006 – httppostex 0.1
* Initial release

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