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Pearl Jam – Halifax, NS, Canada 2005-09-22

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

Halifax to the max indeed.


(01) Hard to Imagine – Animal.mp3
(02) Corduroy.mp3
(03) Green Disease.mp3
(04) Love Boat Captain.mp3
(05) Dissident.mp3
(06) State Of Love And Trust.mp3
(07) You Are.mp3
(08) Go.mp3
(09) Breath.mp3
(10) Small Town.mp3
(11) Leatherman.mp3
(12) Even Flow.mp3
(13) Not For You – Jeremy.mp3
(14) Blood.mp3
(15) Encore Break.mp3
(16) Low Light.mp3
(17) Off He Goes.mp3
(18) Nothing Man.mp3
(19) Glorified G.mp3
(20) Rearview Mirror.mp3
(21) Encore Break.mp3
(22) Alive.mp3
(23) Down – In My Tree.mp3
(24) Daughter.mp3
(25) Better Man.mp3
(26) Porch.mp3
(27) Bu$hleaguer.mp3
(28) Fortunate Son – Rockin’ In The Free World.mp3

Download this show here.

My Conspiracy Theory – Microsoft and Yahoo

Friday, February 1st, 2008

Microsoft made the offer to buy Yahoo because they knew it would immediately trigger a jump in Yahoo’s stock price. Why would they give this advantage to one of their chief competitors? Simple: Microsoft doesn’t want Yahoo to lose any more market share to Google than it already has. Google having less competition as Yahoo is forced into layoffs is bad not only for Yahoo but for Microsoft as well. So Microsoft makes an offer that, a) they don’t intend to follow through on, and b) no regulatory agency in the universe would sanely approve, knowing that it will definitely give Yahoo a little wind beneath its wings as well as open up the possibility to more boostulescence by way of an unlikely-but-possible counter-offer by Google.

Microsoft obviously has a vested interest in seeing Yahoo stay competetive and I’m not going to waste more time explaining it to the likes of you. That and I have no real facts or basis for this theory, other than what I’ve seen.