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Pearl Jam – Ten Rough Mixes / 1991-04-26

Monday, January 28th, 2008

Certain moments, once verb-for-momented, are hard to re-capture. Situations like the Big Bang, waking up in your bed in a burrito of perfect warmth, and that immediately-fleeting feeling as you exercise your virginity: they happen and we’re not sure if they will ever happen again. And forget about trying to re-capture them, something even less likely than wresting the maple out of a Canadian’s icy grip.

Pearl Jam knew this and put all the hard work, musicianship, and soul they could muster into Ten. Here are the rough mixes.


  1. Once
  2. Why Go
  3. Even Flow
  4. Garden
  5. Black
  6. Oceans
  7. Release
  8. Brother
  9. Porch
  10. Jeremy
  11. Breath
  12. Deep
  13. Alone
  14. Alive *
  15. Wash *
  16. I’ve Got a Feeling *

Note: songs marked with an asterisk (*) are mp3 versions from another source. I also see that you’re noticing the alternate “up-beat” version of Oceans; good for you!

Download it here, but only if it’s not older than you are.

Written in part by an almighty Greek soldier, Chris “Roasts Two Lambs” Kiahtipes.

Pearl Jam – Vitalogy Rough Mixes / 1994-07-XX

Sunday, January 27th, 2008

Everyone–from Christian Hosoi and Tony Hawk to ravers and their silly pants–has to deal with times changing at some point; eventually, things end and are replaced. Innocence and original-spirit can exist only until the exploitative forces in the world catch on, which can take time but is generally a guaranteed occurance.

So it was with LSD, punk, vert, grunge, the internet… And so it will be with all of us. We’re left no choice but to hope that the replacement isn’t such a shameful disgrace as to mar the memory of the original good times.

From the .txt:

01 Warm Up
02 Last Exit
03 Corduroy
04 Guitar Effect #1
05 Spin the Black Circle
06 Not For You
07 Tremor Christ
08 Nothingman
09 Whipping
10 Satan's Bed
11 Bugs
12 Guitar Effect #2
13 Better Man
14 Hard to Imagine
15 Corduroy (Mix 2)
16 Corduroy (Mix 2)
17 Hard to Imagine

The copy of Vitalogy Rough Mixes was handed down to a friend of someone at Epic and
obviously went through a number of analog generations.  Some hiss was removed, and the
time was stretched to fix the timing of the songs, and improved the sound a bit.
Included just for arguments sake are the two songs off the More Nonsense boot cd for
comparison, obviously they are a little bit better quality, but the songs are the same.  Track
15 was really loud and has a different sound to it (like it was put on the original tape to
be meant as the 'lead song' for the album), so the volume was adjusted.

There are a few pauses throughout the copy that couldn't be fixed (most are in Satan's
Bed).  The pauses are in the same places as the various mp3's going around, and from the
looks of all the info I could find on these mixes is that these were originally on the tape.

Why July 1994?
* Final version of Better Man (original version was still played in 1994 tour)
* Satan's Bed presumed to be recorded in Atlanta (which was in April)
* Band was getting back together after Ticketmaster testimony to finish album (and after rest from tour)
* Most of Vitalogy recorded in November 1993 in New Orleans and February 1994 in Seattle
* Immortality premiered live, but drastically different lyrics
* Tape was probably given to label to show the album was almost done
* Dave A leaves the band in August

There you have it.  Download the thing here.