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Eddie Vedder’s 1988 Demo Tape

Saturday, February 24th, 2007

I snagged this from the INTERNET a while ago, four songs in FLAC format. Here’s what the included .txt has to say:

Band : Pearl Jam (Eddie Vedder’s Demo)

Date : Summer 1988

Sound : A+

Notes : This tape was sent by Eddie to the guy who lived downstairs from he and Beth in San Diego when he moved to Seattle. A collective group of fans, several on this list, purchased this from Eddie’s neighbor/friend.

Tracklist : 01. One Step Up 02. Crossroads 03. Believe You me 04. Reggae Woman

You can definitely hear the U2 influences (is that THE EDGE getting all glassy on guitar in the first track?), and a Pearl Jam album this is not, but it’s still kinda cool to see where Vedder was at in ’88.


The Shins – Live on 02/16/07

Sunday, February 18th, 2007

I saw The Shins this week and I took some awesome pictures with my shitty Treo camera (as I left my real camera back in Emeryville). Here they are for everyone to enjoy (or not, it’s entirely up to you.)

Pictures: The Shins live on 02/16/07

PS – The show rocked!