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Hooray for Stashbox

Monday, September 25th, 2006

I slaved all weekend to replace the old shitfest that was with something (anything) nicer. Possibly just a midpoint between old and ultra-new, possibly where it will live indefinitely. I’m just glad it’s “done”.


Sleater-Kinney Say Farewell =(

Thursday, September 7th, 2006
panoramic view of the river near Portland

So I found out a while ago that Sleater-Kinney was calling it quits. Something about Corin Tucker wanting to raise her kid instead; very commendable and such.

low quality concert pictures

Anyway, upon receipt of this news, I felt it was my duty to see their very last show, so I could get at least one S-K show under my belt before they were done. This led to me driving from Utah to Portland very early Saturday morning and arriving about 5pm. By the way, I got my ticket from an awesome guy from the Pearl Jam Message Pit. Thanks dude!

After buying some records (The Molo Sessions, Brad – Interiors, and Rage Against the Machine) at the store across from the venue, and eating dinner at the bar next to the venue (that goddamn artichoke taste stayed in my mouth all night! I was embarassed to open my mouth during the show.), I got in line with about an hour until the doors opened.

As an aside, and purely because it was a new experience for me, I feel I should mention that probably 80% of the people waiting in line were lesbian couples. Quite odd/cool to see more the usual-minority take the lead for once!

Once I got to the door, I found out that the guy I spoke with over the phone was wrong in telling me that they weren’t allowing cameras in. This made me pretty mad, especially when Eddie Vedder walked onto the stage to introduce S-K. I took some pics with my Treo, but they’re pretty shitty. You can see them by clicking on the image to the right.

After that awesome introduction, Sleater-Kinney pretty much tore the place up for two straight hours. Everyone in the crowd was jumping up and down nonstop, enjoying themselves. And there weren’t too many idiots, which was very nice. The lesson here is that small venues DEMAND ear plugs. My hearing didn’t recover for a few days afterward. =/

At about 1:30am I stumbled to my car, waited in line to pay the parking garage attendant, and hustled the hell out of Portland. You cannot imagine how much trying to find gas in Oregon at that time SUCKS. For whatever wacky reason, Oregon requires gas stations to be full service. So filling up your tank late at night requires a 24-hour station, which can take some hunting to find.

I wasn’t on the road for more than 45 minutes when I decided I was going to die if I didn’t pull over and get some sleep. Thankfully there was a pullout right where I had my epiphany, so I slept from maybe 3am to 6am, then hit the road again.

Thus, roughly 24 hours from when I left, I returned home.

PS – On my way into Portland I took some sweet shots of the river next to the road. I’ve linked a panoramic shot above.