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Goings on – a summary of (recent) events

Saturday, June 24th, 2006

After a probably-unnoticed lack of updates, here’s the cumulative summary of recent events:

  • I bought (and moved into) a condo. See pictures in the gallery.
  • I am seeing six Pearl Jam shows (in three cities) in July. See [any|every]one in Denver, Los Angeles, and at THE GORGE!
  • I bought a new camera with a telephoto lens. Should make for good concert photos.
  • I very recently attended the wedding of two former coworkers. A very lovely event by all accounts.
  • I wrote a new client tool for, named shup! Detailed post forthcoming.
  • I have also been working on a new version of, which will include many new features and what not.
  • My stereo receiver died. =(
  • My forums at broke the one million post mark! Tool Navy has also been enjoying its highest traffic stats and Alexa rankings (74,004 currently) of all time.
  • ThirstyPixel, the company I work for, is moving to a new office. Thirty-four blocks closer to downtown, woohoo!
  • I bought a Treo 650 (boo no EVDO / high-speed data) and have been enjoying it. Of note, and one of the next killer apps for network-enabled Palm devices, is wifight by Brennan Underwood. Turn-based hand-held multiplayer gaming has never been so goddamn sexy! Watch for wifight in the (hopefully near) future.
  • I am buying Tool tickets in one hour, ten minutes.

Quite a list, with not a lot actually going on =)