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One of many good days to come in the world of music

Thursday, March 2nd, 2006

I noticed Pearl Jam got a new website (finally!) Along with a bunch of good-looking artwork, they have created a setlist archive containing what appears to be a list of every show they’ve ever played, each containing a list of songs, notes, etc. And each song is a link to a page containing every album/single/what-have-you that song has been on, as well as a list of every live show it was played. Time to write a crawler to harvest that data to use as the input for setlistimator. =) My only regret is that they didn’t take me up on my handful of offers to help!

Oh, and on March 8th they are releasing their first single off the new album for free on their website; DRM-free even! Love those guys.


Update: As a little gift to me (as the sole reader of this site), I present an excellent live version of Pearl Jam playing Even Flow. The entire band is totally on, and Eddie Vedder takes some interesting lyrical liberties: “yeah yeah, god I hate republicans!” =)

Download: Pearl Jam – Live – 2003-04-06 – 5 Even Flow.flac (48mb)