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Birthday, drunken birthday

Saturday, October 1st, 2005
mmm cake

So I turned 21 a couple weeks ago (Sept. 29, 2005) and, deciding it should be celebrated in stereotypical fashion, had quite a four-day weekend.

I flew into San Francisco on my birthday and went drinking with Justin (thanks for the airport pickup!), Josh, Brennan, and Dave (and later Christophe, a woman on each arm). No need for the masturbatory list I had originally placed here, but I think the first beer was at noon and the last drink was after midnight, so quite a marathon heh.

After ridding myself of a brutal hangover the next day, Josh and I wound up chilling at Brennan’s with him and his girlfriend, who bought me and Brennan birthday cakes with our irc nicks on them (see picture); that was fucking rad, thanks Isabelle! After consuming way too much cake, we went to a midnight showing of Akira (Akiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiraaaaaaaaaaaaaa; Tetsuuuuuooooooooooooooooooo) and ended up chilling again afterward until like 4am or something.

Saturday brought much more of a touristy vibe as Josh and I hit part of a Giants game, walked down Haight street (where I bought like $100 of vinyl, mostly Pearl Jam =)), and braved the cold fog of the beach. That night we had pizza with Justin and Brennan, then caught up with Christophe to see Dungen at The Independent. Contrary to the word on the street, The Independent was awesome, although that may’ve been heavily influenced by Dungen kicking so much ass. Dungen rules!

Then Sunday, after helping Josh with some yard work, I missed my flight! But $25 and two hours later I was on my way back to Salt Lake City.

And I never drank again.