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ml_ipod hits it big

Wednesday, May 25th, 2005

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Wired (and subsequently tons of copycat sites, as well as everyone’s favorite week-old news site) posted an article praising ml_ipod today, touting it as the “Plug-In [that] Sets Music Free”. This rules! Will put a metric shit-ton of work into it, it’s great to see him get some recognition finally. Congrats Will! (On an interesting side note, my old, cynical self finds it interesting that the author, Katie Dean, used “A handy plug-in for Winamp wins praise for allowing iPod users to move music off their iPods” yet failed to mention the person who added (no matter how poorly) that functionality. Oh well =))

Last night I was feeling strangely creative which is quite unique, as, after coding all day at work, I am never in the mood for hobby coding anymore. An irc log searcher, how original! The interesting part is that it uses the same shit Google uses to get data or submit forms without loading a new page (although the backend kind of eats the server alive as it searches through a 50mb logfile). Basically you just enter a search query, hit enter, and the list populates with lines matching your query. You can then click any result to display the surrounding conversation (and subsequently click any of these lines to view different parts of the log). What it lacks in interface it makes up for in moxie!