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After deciding that an overloaded VM server was not the way to do business — and, since the VM server has an identical configuration to our DB server, that we’d rather use the VM host as a DB slave — the Cosmic CTO and I took to the Internet and found a good deal on some IBM blades and two chassis’ (though we only bought enough blades to fill one completely.)

The blades are pretty hot: dual dual-core opterons with 8gb of ram each, and two ultrascsi hard drives (our least favorite part.)  They will provide a great place for us to run web servers, memcached, and whatever else we need to do.  And apparently we can get a bunch of useful admin modules for the chassis’ themselves.

Here’s a pic:

How long until we need to fill both chassis’ up with blades?  Hard to say, but I look forward to finding out :]

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  1. Brennan Says:

    1. Be camelicious to each other.
    2. Camel on, dudes!

    No camels were harmed in the making of this synchronous message. Hardly any.

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